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Wow, where to begin with this? For starters, the lighting in this is just gorgeous. The way it reflects off of and illuminates Akataras...

I'm not really a visual artist so I probably can't go into the same depth as someone with those talents, however, this is my character,...






Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
This account is inactive (sort of). I've moved here: :iconakataras:

All of these wonderful people were kind enough to draw art for me while I used this account, show them some love. :heart: (And some of them just made my time here more enjoyable)

Dig up her bones but leave her soul alone...

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 28, 2013, 3:45 AM
Update: Alright, things are about ready. To any of you who give a damn, this is where I'll be from now on (pretty much): :iconakataras:
Everything over there is set up ready and I should have some fresh deviations for you soon. :>

~ [ Dig up her bones but leave her soul alone, boy with a broken soul, heart with a gaping hole. Dark twisted fantasy turned to reality, kissing death and losing my breath. ] ~

Yes, the title is the song from that trailer. :3

It's also oddly appropriate to my own characters and to something I'll be uploading elsewhere later.

Now then, to begin with, look at this, yes, this!
by :iconuncle-bang:

I would do terrible sexual things to this spectacular image if it wouldn't make me look weird and it wouldn't be incredibly narcissistic of me.
On a more serious note, this was a free prize draw turned commission. I most certainly received my money's worth.

Anyway, with that finally out of my system, onto the actual business of this journal. (Two journals in the same month and it's not even Christmas, what's the occasion?)

I think I'm about ready to start shipping on out to my new (It's a year old) account, which I'll link to once everything's all set up and toasty. Of course, with that will need to come the entire point of my having Premium on this account, which is a name change.

The results of the poll are in and the winner is.... getting completely disregarded in favour of a name I made up ten minutes ago, because reasons. I'd originally intended to continue running both accounts alongside each other, keeping my poetry and other junk on this account and prioritising fiction, character profiles etc. on the new one. I might still pop into this one from time to time, maybe to upload a poem or two, maybe access some information I might forget and leave behind, but for the most part I'll be active on the other one.

So since this account will be left (mostly) unused after I've completely jumped from the sinking ship, it'll be getting a new name appropriate to its station.


It's going to be called JAM, because it's delicious.

Also it stands for Just Another Memory. (Yes, I'll be using the full version)

I honestly don't have that many good memories associated with this account, I've met some good people through it who I hope will follow me on to the next,  but I'd like to bury this account sooner rather than later. (Between the name it currently has and a few other things, disconnection is a good idea for me) I like to think my writing has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and I'm finally comfortable enough with it (perhaps not prolific enough, but that will come with time) to actually complete the move that I planned to do a year ago. (2012 was quite possibly the worst year of my life on so many levels it's unbelievable)

I have some unfinished business to attend to on here before I can 100% complete the move (Plus I need to refave every piece of artwork that's been drawn for me so that could take a bit) commissions and requests and the like, but once those are complete, I'll be gone from here. I plan to be more active on the DA forums and trying to get myself noticed a little more as a writer on the new account, I might even re-upload a few of my more recent pieces that I'm actually proud of over there. (Such as The Prince and the Queen and Something Very Special)

That's everything for now I guess. No tl:dr this time because if you don't read you're the exact reason being a writer on DA is a pain in the ass. =D

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  • Eating: Welsh Cakes
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AnImperfectDream has started a donation pool!
2,000 / 2,000
I'd like a chance to buy point commissions, as well as pay artists that have been kind enough to draw requests for me in the past. I want to give something back to the people that have been kind to me. ^.^

I also do point commissions if you're interested. My prices will probably be cheap. =P

Also if any of you artists out there stumble by my page and you're lacking in inspiration, feel free to take a look at my OCs and stories or even ask me for a descriptive piece to help get you drawing something. I seem to have a knack for getting people out of artblock.

Simply seeing them given life in a visual form would be reward enough for me, but a little credit never hurt anyone. =D

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For you! [link]

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