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I'm not really a visual artist so I probably can't go into the same depth as someone with those talents, however, this is my character, so I'll see what I can do.

First, that perspective is absolutely spectacular, combined with his pose, it gives Akataras a real sense of strength and power. It gives him an imposing presence, which from this angle is useful for a short dragon. You don't see many pieces from an angle like this and I'm impressed it turned out so well.

I really like the pose as well, he's stood firm and ready and with the one hand more relaxed and the other clenched into a fist, it really adds something to his position. I've never seen Akataras drawn from this sort of angle before, but I definitely like it.

Second, you incorporated the additions to his design I asked for absolutely perfectly, I didn't really go into that much detail (I think) so how those have turned out is superb. I'm particularly fond of how you handled the mane, it doesn't conflict or get in the way with any of his horns, which is one of the things I've always worried would happen once it got added. I adore how the scar turned out as well, so simple in design, but it stands out against his scales so well. Yet even though it's so noticeable, it still doesn't distract from the rest of the design.

I like how you handled his muscle structure. You've managed to highlight the strength in his body, without making him bulky or drastically altering the original design. The taut, sinewy look of the muscles really suits him. I also like how you added the softer patches to the underside of his hands, I'd had it in mind for an addition to his design but wasn't certain how it would look. It was a pleasant surprise considering I didn't mention that one to you when we discussed this piece.

Even with just the flats, I also like the colour palette you've chosen for him. Not quite so dark as the original but still within the right shades. I actually think I like this one more. I also like the texture and detailing on the wings and how they retain a level of muscle similar to the rest of his body. The background was also a nice touch and I'm glad you adjusted the contrast a little so Akataras stands out more. Having him stand out more distinctly really adds to the presence he has in this artwork.

Those eyes are also excellent, even without shading they look determined and piercing, just as his eyes should.

All in all he looks fantastic in your style. I was blown away by this as soon as it appeared in my notifications, and it was worth staying up a little later at night to admire it. Thank you.

I'm not certain how fair this critique or my ratings are, since I'm so impressed with the piece, there may be a little bias on my side. Even still, you did an amazing job and I can't wait to see the full rendered version.
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