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The Prince and the Queen
The Prince and the Queen
The hooded cloak coiled around Akataras while he walked, white as the snow that fell from above. The black of mourning had not slipped from the elf's shoulders for long, before he had once again clad himself in light. Familiar pains were easier to bear perhaps, or he had found a new road, paved on the lives he had buried, that led to a more clear path.
His path was clear, but his mind and heart were not. His long and ragged brown hair was not in the style of one whose mind was settled, or heart healed. The white furs, silks and leathers he wore only warded against the frost outside, not within. The exhaustion in his eyes betrayed him, for they were as cold and as the snow beneath his feet.
He looked toward the road ahead with tired turquoise eyes, but did not truly see it. They gleamed in the moonlight and revealed more than the traveller had ever dared to share. As if he feared the moon and starlight could see his deepest secrets, he pu
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Vincent by Lunar-Pocket-Venus by AnImperfectDream Vincent by Lunar-Pocket-Venus :iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 0 0
On These Lost Wings
On These Lost Wings
O'er every hill, I soar to you,
On these black wings of mine,
Oh precious one who I adore,
That I dare to call divine,
None who speak can tell me why,
I should not hold you close,
And with this serpent's tongue I swear,
I shall not tell a lie,
To you or any you hold dear,
Be it you, or I,
As long as we can still draw breath,
And drift amongst the sky,
Till we fall from grace above,
And are doomed to die,
I swear of this, to you my love,
Wherever we may fly,
On wings of raven, or of dove,
Soaring ever high,
We had parted ways before,
Of this we were both aware,
And yet for all the time we'd lost,
It did not matter when or where,
To you, who I adore,
Thrice we walked our own lone paths,
Yet no matter how we strayed,
We found ourselves beside the hearths,
That we, as one, had made.
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Something Very Special (Revised)
Something Very Special
He looked at me with na´ve blue eyes. Clear oceans of curiosity that stared up at me. Just like my own. Whenever he did this, he would always make the same request. A simple request, for a story he cherished. A story he loved, that was just as bitter-sweet to tell as it was to hear.
The story told of a prince from a far away place, from a time before either he or I were born. Even still, it was not a tale of a world that was young. Even in the prince's lifetime it was ancient. An old world filled with old songs. Its own melody was one of the few things to outlast it.
Even with all else silent, that song lived on.
It was just another fairy tale though. When I was his age, my mother and father used to tell me the same story. Throughout all my youth, I cherished it. It was precious to me. The beautiful but bitter story of a fallen prince of a lost kingdom.
It was supposed to be just another fairy tale.
Then one day. I met the prince himself.
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 2 5
Something Very Special
Something Very Special
"Tell me a story." He said to me. Looking at me with those naïve blue eyes like always.
"What's the magic word?" I asked him. He was so young and innocent then, not like now. My little boy, all grown up with the weight of the world on his shoulders, but still smiling, even now.
"Tell me a story... please. Oh please tell me one." He replied, remembering his manners after a little prompting. He was still learning back then, though he never really stopped I suppose.
"And what story would you like to hear?" I smiled at him and he smiled back. Such a beautiful child with the brightest smile, it matched his eyes, always sparkling.
"My favourite." He grinned.
His favourite... it actually scared me a little every time I told it. Not because the story itself was terrifying, though it had its moments. No, I just knew that one day my little boy would find something in that story that would change his life. He had always been special to me, alway
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 1 1
RE: USS Special Operation - Antarctica Black Op
Resident Evil: USS Escort Operation Alpha
Antarctic winds tumbled across Rockfort Island. They whispered between the buildings as if spreading secrets behind its many dark corners. The island had more than enough of them to spare between Umbrella and the Ashfords, letting the wind talk of a few likely wouldn't be a problem.
If it became one, Umbrella would most probably find a way to have it killed and/or infected with some viral mutation or wiped off the face of the earth with an explosion. It seemed to be their solution to everything. Thankfully if they were about to blow up the island for some insane reason, the Umbrella Security Service's Alpha team were already on a cargo plane heading away from the island.
Not that HUNK really cared about their methods, the job and the mission were all that mattered. Other than being his employers, he didn't really care what Umbrella did or didn't do. Although that standard only applied outside of himself and his team. if Umbrella did anyt
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 1 5
Literature Tag 1 by AnImperfectDream Literature Tag 1 :iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 6 3
Crossroads: Reunion
The scent of blood was fresh on his senses as the hunter followed the whispering trail left in its wake. His prey had proved a trickier mark than he anticipated. Before he was able to land a killing grip around its throat the creature had thrashed wildly enough to throw the hunter from his quarry. Though not before his fangs had left deep gashes and cuts upon its flesh, effectively marking it for death.
To hunt without a pack was always risky. In numbers there was strength, but also reliance. Alone, none can make errors that cost you your own victory. When alone, all fault and blame for failure is your own, but with a group, there's too much of an opportunity for one weak link in the chain to fall, breaking all chances of success.
When all blame is your own, mistakes are easier to learn from, but at the same time, easier to make.
Somewhere in Chicago, a hunter stirred awake.
He awoke to the sound of a news report, nothing new there though as he often fell asleep watching the TV. The
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 1 3
Mirrors At Dusk
Mirrors at dusk
Are much like my eyes,
For they are not windows
And reflect nothing.
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 1 2
Crossroads: Futility
He knew each footfall was an exercise in futility and yet still he ran through the alleys, his hastened footsteps hammering out an echo behind him.
"Keep it fed, keep it clean, keep it fed..." The youth recited to himself while he sprinted, each sentence fragment oddly in tune with each thud his feet made. He rounded the corner into another alleyway. 'Place is like a bloody maze.' He thought as another corner presented itself, changing the direction of his escape again. Despite all the sharp turns and diversions he had taken, he could still hear the pounding footsteps of his pursuers.
After a few more hasty turns and attempts to ditch his unwanted followers he eventually came to a dead end. The fence in front of him wasn't too high, he could easily climb it, just not quickly enough.
With a sigh of irritation, the boy turned to face his pursuers. There were seven of them in total, all skidding to a halt in front of him, once they had realised their prey had nowhere else to run. <
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 1 2
Burning Moon
Burning Moon
A lone man knelt upon a snow covered forest floor, illuminated by the silver glare of a burning moon. Fresh snow tumbled around him and settled upon his bare body, indifferent to the events that had guided him to that moment.
Just as indifferent was the broken man, whose face was cast downward at the earth below, ignorant to the winter world around him. His brown hair helped shroud his face in darkness, if he was in any pain from the injuries he possessed, his face could not show it.
Numerous scratches and bloodied cuts adorned his body, signs of the struggle that had stripped everything he had trusted and loved from him. His many wounds bled, but the fresh snow hid the evidence as if none were allowed to see his weakness.
He had lost everything a man could lose but his life. Family, friends and lovers, all had slipped through his fingers. Even the place he once called home had escaped his grasp, forever lost to him.
In his life he had travelled so
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 10 27
As Echoes Drift Onwards
As Echoes Drift Onwards
The echo drifts onward,
Of tales unforgotten,
Or perhaps memories,
Discarded as blindly as faith,
For who could have seen,
That the man beneath the mask,
Could be so cold,
And callous to cast,
Away his cherished dreams,
Where do we wander,
Under the midnight moon,
When all roads lead to dust,
And where do we soar,
When all our skies are crowded,
With other lights burning far brighter than our own,
Do we seek to ever float so high
Or are we simply clutching
at the threads of fate
Hoping that just once
We are not the ones who cut the lines,
For the roads of destiny are a tightrope
And each unsteady aching step,
Is merely one after another,
On a path fraught with failure below,
Is this why we soar?
So that when we fall
We know the pain of loss
Is as hard and cold as the ground.
For no matter who or what slips away,
When all else has left,
We still have our dreams,
Our whispers among the stars,
That shine bright in our eyes
Till our light finally dims,
And we
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 9 18
Corrosion - Part 2
"You should be running." Akataras growls into the derelict hive of suffering in which he stands, blue fire howling around his hands. Yet the masked figures surrounding the room on their metal platforms remain as stoic as a mountain. They move for nothing, not even for the groans of torment from the brown dragon chained at the centre, his flame forced from him with cruel spikes that impale and suspend the mighty beast.
"Did they hear you?" The elf child Halu asks curiously, huddling behind Akataras, afraid of both the motionless masked men and the restrained brown dragon.
"I wasn't just talking to them." Akataras hisses, a dangerous fire awake in his eyes as he flicks a glance at Halu to say it. Halu doesn't step away from the black dragon however, if Akataras wasn't an ice mage, the fire in his eyes could easily have charred the elf to cinders were it real. Yet the elven child looks into Akataras' fierce piercing gaze with his own eyes of innocence and the flames surrounding both the b
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 3 0
Misericordias -Sprite Concept Example- by AnImperfectDream Misericordias -Sprite Concept Example- :iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 2 3
Dark Souls Review
{- Dark Souls Review -}
Oh my dear Dark Souls, thou art indeed a cruel bitch, who betwixt your decrepit fingers shalt gayly crush my heart, much like one twould squash a grape.
Indeed it would seem, that thou dost derive some twisted pleasure from my repeated failings as you unwillingly show me that the path to victory lies down a road of many defeats, its cobbles strewn with many corpses and almost all of them mine own.
But enough of that floaty nonsense, onto the review, which unlike this preamble and Dark Souls itself, does not contain unnecessary usage of antiquated annunciations, evidently extracted fervently from the very annals of the English language.
To skip my possibly unfunny ramblings in the introduction, press Ctrl + F and type. {- S
Should let you skip it and get into the meat of the review; if however you'd much rather read the increasingly enraged and deranged ramblings of a borderline homicidal and probably quite homosexua
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 0 5
Review System Guide
You will find a list of the ratings I use, and a guide to how they work below. If you have any questions, post a comment or note me. This is only a guide to the ratings system that appears at the bottom of my reviews, the written elements of the review should need no explanation.
Rendering Quality - How smooth graphics, textures and the like look. If a game places emphasis on photo-realistic graphics I'll score it as such, if however a game is more stylised, I'm not going to penalise it for not being hyper realistic.
Design Quality - Similar to the above only taking into account how well designed the visuals are, taking into account the little details in the environments or perhaps how well the art-style and visuals tie into the tone of the game.
Plot - Self explanatory; evaluates how interesting, different and well written the story is, if there's one at all.
Characters - The plot of a game can still be
:iconanimperfectdream:AnImperfectDream 0 1


Art Gift - Vincent by Yokufo Art Gift - Vincent :iconyokufo:Yokufo 70 16 Volcanic Dragon by fushimi-aka Volcanic Dragon :iconfushimi-aka:fushimi-aka 41 3 Mokona by Keino-Evans Mokona :iconkeino-evans:Keino-Evans 15 17 Chibi Resquests by oOTearlessOo Chibi Resquests :iconootearlessoo:oOTearlessOo 11 4 Post-apocalyptic trench-coat by Spiked-Fox Post-apocalyptic trench-coat :iconspiked-fox:Spiked-Fox 3,665 405 Akataras by cabaree Akataras :iconcabaree:cabaree 2 1 Nier-R by Ghost-Butcher Nier-R :iconghost-butcher:Ghost-Butcher 148 12 Reflection prelims .02 by DylanPierpont Reflection prelims .02 :icondylanpierpont:DylanPierpont 246 25 The traveller by oliverlord The traveller :iconoliverlord:oliverlord 5 2 Vincent Valentine from FF by oliverlord Vincent Valentine from FF :iconoliverlord:oliverlord 157 15 Old Shrine by NukeRooster Old Shrine :iconnukerooster:NukeRooster 1,709 33 Flames of imagination by DouglasNereus Flames of imagination :icondouglasnereus:DouglasNereus 20 24 Mountains by sandara Mountains :iconsandara:sandara 8,884 251 Mage battle by sandara Mage battle :iconsandara:sandara 22,761 846


Wow, where to begin with this? For starters, the lighting in this is just gorgeous. The way it reflects off of and illuminates Akataras...

I'm not really a visual artist so I probably can't go into the same depth as someone with those talents, however, this is my character,...






Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
This account is inactive (sort of). I've moved here: :iconakataras:

All of these wonderful people were kind enough to draw art for me while I used this account, show them some love. :heart: (And some of them just made my time here more enjoyable)

Dig up her bones but leave her soul alone...

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 28, 2013, 3:45 AM
Update: Alright, things are about ready. To any of you who give a damn, this is where I'll be from now on (pretty much): :iconakataras:
Everything over there is set up ready and I should have some fresh deviations for you soon. :>

~ [ Dig up her bones but leave her soul alone, boy with a broken soul, heart with a gaping hole. Dark twisted fantasy turned to reality, kissing death and losing my breath. ] ~

Yes, the title is the song from that trailer. :3

It's also oddly appropriate to my own characters and to something I'll be uploading elsewhere later.

Now then, to begin with, look at this, yes, this!
by :iconuncle-bang:

I would do terrible sexual things to this spectacular image if it wouldn't make me look weird and it wouldn't be incredibly narcissistic of me.
On a more serious note, this was a free prize draw turned commission. I most certainly received my money's worth.

Anyway, with that finally out of my system, onto the actual business of this journal. (Two journals in the same month and it's not even Christmas, what's the occasion?)

I think I'm about ready to start shipping on out to my new (It's a year old) account, which I'll link to once everything's all set up and toasty. Of course, with that will need to come the entire point of my having Premium on this account, which is a name change.

The results of the poll are in and the winner is.... getting completely disregarded in favour of a name I made up ten minutes ago, because reasons. I'd originally intended to continue running both accounts alongside each other, keeping my poetry and other junk on this account and prioritising fiction, character profiles etc. on the new one. I might still pop into this one from time to time, maybe to upload a poem or two, maybe access some information I might forget and leave behind, but for the most part I'll be active on the other one.

So since this account will be left (mostly) unused after I've completely jumped from the sinking ship, it'll be getting a new name appropriate to its station.


It's going to be called JAM, because it's delicious.

Also it stands for Just Another Memory. (Yes, I'll be using the full version)

I honestly don't have that many good memories associated with this account, I've met some good people through it who I hope will follow me on to the next,  but I'd like to bury this account sooner rather than later. (Between the name it currently has and a few other things, disconnection is a good idea for me) I like to think my writing has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and I'm finally comfortable enough with it (perhaps not prolific enough, but that will come with time) to actually complete the move that I planned to do a year ago. (2012 was quite possibly the worst year of my life on so many levels it's unbelievable)

I have some unfinished business to attend to on here before I can 100% complete the move (Plus I need to refave every piece of artwork that's been drawn for me so that could take a bit) commissions and requests and the like, but once those are complete, I'll be gone from here. I plan to be more active on the DA forums and trying to get myself noticed a little more as a writer on the new account, I might even re-upload a few of my more recent pieces that I'm actually proud of over there. (Such as The Prince and the Queen and Something Very Special)

That's everything for now I guess. No tl:dr this time because if you don't read you're the exact reason being a writer on DA is a pain in the ass. =D

  • Listening to: Bones - Ms Mr
  • Reading: The Return of the King - J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Watching: Dexter
  • Playing: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • Eating: Welsh Cakes
  • Drinking: Tea, in about ten minutes


AnImperfectDream has started a donation pool!
2,000 / 2,000
I'd like a chance to buy point commissions, as well as pay artists that have been kind enough to draw requests for me in the past. I want to give something back to the people that have been kind to me. ^.^

I also do point commissions if you're interested. My prices will probably be cheap. =P

Also if any of you artists out there stumble by my page and you're lacking in inspiration, feel free to take a look at my OCs and stories or even ask me for a descriptive piece to help get you drawing something. I seem to have a knack for getting people out of artblock.

Simply seeing them given life in a visual form would be reward enough for me, but a little credit never hurt anyone. =D

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